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Hi I'm Claire Gore

I qualified in Gentle Touch Reflexology 23 years ago at the Sue Ricks School of Reflexology.I am currently studying (2021) for my Advanced Practitioner status with an emphasis on the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach. 

I offer my treatments in West Nottinghamshire, Nottingham and South East Derbyshire.

My passionate and positive  outlook on life drew me to this beautiful form of  healing. I believe that everyone is entitled to have the best quality of life possible, and through my sensitive touch and pressure, I support your body's capacity to heal.

Through my work and  life experience I have developed a deep sense of compassion, and an intuition that mirrors the energy at work during the reflexology session.

During my career I have worked face to face with all members of the public from the very young through to the elderly, which I believe has made me understand the importance of being approachable, and empathetic.  

I pride myself on always  offering a  5 star treatment to every client in every situation.


What is Gentle Touch Reflexology?


The stimulation of reflex points on the soles of the feet  by light pressure to encourage the body to heal itself.

When the body is under stress from internal and external factors  it can disrupt the chemical balance needed to keep our bodies doing what we need them to do, and function at optimal level. This is when we develop symptoms and illnesses emerge.

By allowing the body to deeply relax during a treatment our systems can rest, the body can rebalance and begin to heal.

So many conditions can benefit from this beautiful experience.

How many treatments  will I need?


For pure relaxation one  treatment  will be perfect. For chronic conditions  it is advised to have a minimum of 3 treatments as close as possible to ensure the body is conditioned to the energy change needed for healing.

'So subtle yet so very powerful'

healthy foot reflexology

Who can have treatments?


Absolutely anyone !

From birth to end of life.


*Please note due to the service being mobile, and using soft furnishings I can only attend non smoking homes*



45 minute powerful Gentle Touch Reflexology to restore balance and reset your systems - this session offers a personalised holistic treatment to maximise your bodies capacity to gain homeostasis,gain recover or stabilise your health.

£45 per session

*Optional £5 for heated lavender infused light blocking eye mask

Children 0-12 years 30 minutes £30

Children 13-16 years 45 minutes £35

Payment and Cancellation Policy

*£10 deposit is required upon booking all treatments to secure the slot.This is non refundable, and will be discounted at point of final payment.
*When booking a session if you pay the total cost of the treatment upfront, a £5 discount will be offered.
*If less than 24 hours cancellation is made a further £10 will be requested.
*Please note prices may vary at certain locations due to location charges


Heaven and Earth

This delicious session takes your head to the heavens, and brings your feet back down to earth leaving you in a totally blissful state.

You will experience a half hour nourishing massage around your jawline,working the reflex points on your ears,soothing your forehead, and a deeply relaxing head massage with a Rose Quartz Guasha tool.

A softly heated lavender infused eye mask is then applied to your resting eyes to block out any light to continue the deepening of the session

Then the final half hour  will be completed by  rebalancing through your feet with my Gentle Touch Reflexology to bring the whole of your body mind, and soul to a better place.

£60 per hour session


Body Restore

GuaSha Body massage for body tension release through the fascia *

This treatment is quite different from standard massage.Using a stainless steel Guasha tool ,fascia* that holds tension, and trauma is released, and lymphatics are drained. .This treatment is ideal for deep tissue trauma anywhere on the body.

*Fascia is the band of connective tissue that attaches,stabilizes, and separates muscle.It sits between our lymph, and muscles.

30 minutes £40

45 minutes £50

Only available in therapy space NG16

Claire's healthy foot reflexoloy treatment in Eastwood
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Room for Reflexology - Nottingham
45 min
Prices vary


"I had never had reflexology but had tried everything to relieve my sciatica, well what can I say,  Claire has magic hands. I've been pain free for 4 days now."

Gail  A

Claire has a very positive energy about her which naturally makes you feel safe.I cant thenk you enough and I'm thrilled that I've found this wonderful, special treatment; I would reccomend to anyone!

Maria F

 "Claire provides a 5* plus service. Such a knowledgeable inspirational lady with 'magic hands'. "

                           Helen R

"I suffer with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.Update from my last treatment;I have been so well throughout December  when everyone around me has been ill'"

Debbie G

"I hated having my feet touched, and wasn't interested in having reflexology, but after I developed Sepsis, my wife suggested I give it a go to build me back up, and I'm now on my 5th treatment. It has made such a difference to how much better I have felt, and I look forward to each session."

Patrick J

Hand on heart, its been transformative for me and Claire has truly been at the heart of that process.For me, the reflexology has contributed hugely to transforming my well-being;body and mind


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