A true Holistic Therapy

When having a Gentle Touch Reflexology treatment most people enjoy the relaxing benefits that it offers but what they don't realise is that their body is reacting at a much deeper level.

We are made up of so many layers, physical,emotional, spiritual, and cellular.

By stimulating the energy flow within the body, cellular activity is triggered.This is the point at which the healing can begin.

Our bodies are sophisticated organisms and will ensure that the place that the healing is needed will be where it happens.

Clients speak about shift that can happen with their thinking processes.

Often after a treatment clients need to go to the toilet quite quickly due to their digestive system having been stimulated!

A good nights sleep follows or a few hours of heightened energy.

We carry so much in our bodies that can be there for years and years; emotions, muscular changes, thought patterns, sleep patterns, and life experiences.All these things impact our health and wellbeing.

Gentle Touch Reflexology can reach all of these levels and shift some of the way these energies are held.

This doesn't happen all in the first session! it can take a number of treatments to get things moving.Think about losing weight, and getting fit, it takes the body a while to re calibrate, and adapt to the stimulation that is being carried out.

If you are looking to embed a holistic health approach to your life, why not try out a Gentle Touch session.

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