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Updated: Nov 19, 2018

I'm going to quite controversial with this blog, as it may challenge a few peoples thoughts on how they spend their money.

When I was thinking through how much to charge for my treatments, there were a number of factors that I had to take into consideration such as the benefits gained from having reflexology, to the years of skill and knowledge that I would also bring to the treatment. I also looked at what other reflexology practitioners were charging, and thought about the expenditure of being mobile, especially with the price of petrol at the moment.

When I finally got to the figure I was comfortable with, I also started looking at the prices of beauty treatments that are being offered, to see what kind of prices women were prepared to pay to be pampered. Seeing the price of hair extensions, acrylic nails, and hair colouring I didn't think my treatment cost was unrealistic.

Since my pricing went 'live' I have had a growing client base who have never questioned the cost, but I have also had lots of enquiries that have not gone any further after I have told them the price. I have to say here and now that I truly believe that the right people come to my for the right reason at the right time, so I'm not berating people for choosing not to book!

This then took me down another train of thought about what value people put on their health.If something goes wrong with our cars, we have no choice but to pay out usually large sums of money to put things right.Yet we sometimes struggle to justify paying for a complimentary health treatment, that could enable us to feel more in control of our bodies.

You may be saying that this is easy for me to say as this is my income, but I have seen the most incredible impact from Reflexology, both on improving overall health, but also offering deep relaxation for clients with complex health needs which has enabled them to have some quality of life.

From a personal perspective, when I am feeling well, I know that it can be seen in the brightness of my eyes, my relaxed face, and my upbeat attitude.

So does beauty come from within? maybe we should consider having a holistic therapy to maintain our health alongside having our nails and hair done? its just a thought...….

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