'Fly like a butterfly'

The great boxing champion Mohammed Ali loved having Reflexology.

I was really struck when I saw a photograph of him having a treatment how forward thinking he was, having this as part of his preparation for his sport. Even these days with all the information we have access to that very few sport people have Reflexology.

So how could this amazing treatment help people in sport? One of the most surprising feedback that I get from clients is the mental clarity that they seem to develop after a few sessions. One of my most recent experiences with a client was around a greater sense of motivation. When I first worked with the lady it was to help her with back ache, but during the consultation she expressed how much she was lacking drive, and enthusiasm for life in general. This week she had her third treatment, during the session her solar plexus had a distinct light sparkle, whereas previously this reflex had been quite dull and flat. When I fed this back to her at the end of the treatment she said that she has definitely regained some more motivation since we started the sessions, and was feeling so much more positive about further changes she wants to make to her life.

So this sense of improved motivation could be so beneficial if sports people are struggling with motivation, which can be a natural part of sustained focus.

Gentle Touch reflexology also allows the body to relax into a state of alpha consciousness, and it is during this time the systems in the body can rejuvenate, and recover, perfect for athletes or sports people who work their bodies intensely .One of my clients is a black belt martial arts athlete. She has found that having treatments has impacted on her sleep pattern, she feels more refreshed in the mornings, and sharper during her fighting.

Part of the reflexology session involves the brain gland reflexes being stimulated, these have a major impact on keeping the body systems in balance. This in turn ensures that when the body is being pushed to its extreme, or over stretched in one direction, recovery is much faster, and the body begins to develop a better level of resilience.

I often refer to reflexology as an investment for the long haul, by this I mean that by getting your systems into balance now, especially if you are training hard or getting your body fitter generally, you can establish a state of whole health and wellbeing.

Gentle Touch Reflexology really should be an intrinsic part of your wellbeing and fitness package.

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Fly like a butterfly...sting like a bee

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