I always choose black but now that has changed!

Emotions are a form of energy, E - motion

We instinctively sense the emotional energy that is sitting in someone often without even looking at them, such is the power of the energy.

Unfortunately from being a child that movement becomes repressed. Boys are told not to cry, girls are told not to get angry, and the tools to help us to self regulate are never shared. Its no ones fault, its the way we are brought up in our society, and it just stays on repeat.

The result of this is that as adults we hold on to that emotion, we push it deep down inside us, or it erupts from us in a force that we can't control.

Where are these emotions held? Well think about the centre of your chest, and the power of many feelings you have in different situations that you can't explain.

There are many old fashioned sayings that support the theory that our emotions sit in the middle of our body;

I feel like I've been thumped in the centre of my chest

I feel sick to the pit of my stomach

I've got butterflies in my stomach

My heart aches with pain

Often panic attacks start in the centre of our body, the place at which that emotional energy has become stuck.

That energy NEEDS to move around us, if it doesn't the body starts to hold onto it, and it becomes stuck, and just sits there putting pressure on our internal regulation, and this in turn creates a huge sense of DIS - EASE in our body.

There are many ways we can release that internal energy, laugh, laugh a lot, cry, let the tears flow, sing, sing out loud, shake, boogie, really dance, run, run fast jump, jump the highest you can.

If you struggle to do these things, or you feel really stuck then maybe Gentle Touch Reflexology can help you? As part of the treatment I work the reflex called the Solar Plexus, this is the reflex that holds the energy. So many clients have found that after just one session they really begin to feel a shift in their emotional energy.

One of the most powerful examples of this was with a lady who had struggled with depression all her life, she had been on antidepressants, and had just accepted that she would never be able to move on from feeling the way she did. One of my regular clients persuaded her to have a session just to see how she would feel. During the session she felt very emotional, and shed quite a few tears, but it wasn't until I saw her about a month later that she expressed the most significant difference she felt as she moved forward.

She pointed to the pink T shirt that she was wearing; ' look at my T shirt, I have always worn black, never wanted to draw attention to myself, I've always hidden behind black clothes, but I recently went into the local clothes shop, and I was drawn to this beautiful pink T shirt, and you know what..... I absolutely love wearing it!!!'

This choice was so significant and it became a real expression of a much a happier person!

We both discussed this change, and she said that it could only be put down to session that she had had.

This is the amazing power of Gentle Touch Reflexology.

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