Quick fix?

One of the most common questions that I am asked; is how many sessions will I need?

This is such a difficult challenge for many practitioners in my field, because we are not business people first and foremost, but we are fully aware of how the healing process for individuals, is so well, individual!!

I can speak with confidence about this as just over a year ago I started to have regular treatments myself from a colleague, and I have been on quite a rollercoaster on my own healing journey. My first few treatments were deeply relaxing, and it reminded me how awesome Reflexology can make you feel as it is happening. But it was after my 3rd treatment that I started to feel unwell. I wasn't totally surprised by this, but straight after my fifth treatment the unravelling of years of trauma began to come out through my teeth and jaw line. I developed a nasty infection in my jaw, and I can honestly say I haven't experienced such unbearable pain for a very long time, but something inside me knew that this was the rubbish that I had been storing, finally starting to release itself and emerge. I had never had problems with my teeth before, but I equated this to all the negative energy that I had held back, all the words that I had wanted to say but had suppressed them, and my body was finally pushing it all out. I had to have emergency dental treatment, and it took quite a few weeks to settle back down. This was the absolute lowest point in my healing process, and it even un nerved the therapist who was treating me, but I knew that I had to continue having sessions as the energy was starting to shift, and positive energy could then replace the rubbish. Since then I have had monthly treatments which have given my huge energy boosts, and after each session my own health issues have gradually started to decrease, and I am feeling better than I have for years, and definitely in more control of my body.

Our bodies are completely replaced every 7 years by the process of continual cell renewal, so I feel so hopeful that in my next cycle I will be so much stronger, and even totally rejuvenated.

Gentle Touch Reflexology is about the unravelling and re balancing all of our systems, common sense dictates that years misuse and abuse of our bodies will not just be resolved in one treatment, and infact if we want to really get to the bottom of the damage it may take a very long time.

But the question we need to ask ourselves is how much do we want to do this, and is it worth it investing in ourselves??

I believe it is, we take our bodies for granted, and it is not until it starts to tell us something is very wrong, that it can be too late but if you look after it, then it could well be just a quick fix!!

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