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Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Aren't children's toes just adorable? there really is something about children's feet, and the image of innocence that often comes with it. Gentle Touch Reflexology is amazing for children, and working on their beautiful little toes is so rewarding. Children aren't pre-conditioned, and have no expectation of the outcome, so they are most definitely my best critics.

Did you know that you can give a new born child Reflexology? Sue Ricks who is my mentor, and founder of Gentle Touch has actually worked on premature babies to support their physical development while they were still in intensive care incubators. The youngest baby that I have had the privilege to work on is 6 weeks old. Babies are undergoing rapid growth all the time, and sometimes this can present them with difficulties, Reflexology can support the growth of organs, but also soothe inflammation of systems.

I always wait to see when a child is ready to have its feet worked on. The little boy in the photograph below was a perfect example of this. When I first did a session, he sat on his Mums knees, and let me just work a couple of toes, the second time he sat on my knees, and I managed to do both feet, and the third time, which is when this photograph was taken, he was playing with his brothers. so I really didn't think he would be interested, but he crawled over to the settee, climbed up, and promptly put his feet up for me to work! It was the most beautiful moment, and as you can see he was very happy to have his toes twiddled.

Reflexology can be incredible for children who are constipated. There seems to be an epidemic of babies, and young children who are experiencing severe constipation and this is having a psychological effect on toileting as they get older.

I have worked on a number of children who have been locked into this cycle, even when medication isn't having any effect. I do a lovely manoeuvre called the 'bowel sweep', its really important that this is done in the right direction as it is carried out over the large intestine, and then over the small intestines. We have over 25ft of small intestine so it is crucial that this is done in the right direction to get the digested food moving. This particular manoeuvre is so powerful, infact I have had parents getting in touch with me only a couple of hours later after the treatment to share with me that their little person has had the most huge poo!

Older children can also find the deeply relaxing nature of a Gentle Touch beneficial. I have worked with children who have deep anxiety around school, and friendships. One of my young clients would regularly fall asleep mid way through the treatment much to the amazement of her Mum.

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