Why Gentle Touch?

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

When I first discovered or should I say when Gentle Touch Reflexology came into my life, I had no idea that there were any other forms of Reflexology. Little did I know back then!

One thing that I have realised since I have been practising on a full time basis is that I have began to develop my own approach as well as using the routine that I was taught. I have found my own 'flow' but also realised that clients like different paces, and even sometimes different pressure. Traditional Reflexology has a much firmer pressure, and can focus for longer periods of time on individual pressure points.The impact of the treatement is no less or even possibly any greater, just different.

Gentle Touch offers a beautiful soothing treatment, and this why it is perfect for using on children, the elderly, and clients who are struggling with pain. Some people are anxious about it tickling their feet, but very quickly they realise that with the use of a light oil, and a slightly firmer than expected touch they can relax and let go!

As a practitioner giving Gentle Touch is an equally wonderful experience, some of my fellow Reflexologists comment on having sore fingers, and tight shoulders, but not for me!

Is it 'less is more'? well I truly believe, and have witnessed that a soft light pressure on the reflexes certainly can create a change, and the points I feel through the feet mirror the state of health of my clients, so Gentle Touch offers an equal powerful treatment, and for so many of my clients a deep state of relaxation, so for me this will always be the way I will share my love and skill of reflexology.

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